We are a company focused on developing the best, reliable and robust custom embedded products using easily available economical components in market for our clients and partners. we focus of building innovative embedded and software products for our customers to help them achieve their product ideas and also to enhance their legacy products, thereby increasing their market base. We have expertise in writing embedded software for several micro controllers, designing high quality analog / digital hardware and writing software applications which can communicate with embedded systems to control it and acquire data for analysis. This enables us to provide end-to-end solution for our clients and partners. To get acquainted with our technical expertise, please see our services and projects links. Invotech is founded by professional engineer with expertise in simulators,control system ,embedded and software technologies with over 8 years of experience. Our open work culture, horizontal structure, team dynamics and knowledge transfer sessions has enabled us to build a solid development team and maintain long-term client relationships.

Invotech provides the inter operability, flexibility and process driven solutions needed to support your changing organizational requirements and create measurable business value in short times. Invotech’s approach to Global Software Development ensures that all software development processes and engineering artifacts are connected, which including requirements of system models, source code, and test, ensuring comprehensive life cycle traceability.

Our expertise team has the design experience in embedded controls and hardware as well as software. We worked extensively in areas covering Power Electronics, Industrial Control and Data Acquisition systems. We have vast hands-on experience right from conceptual designing, prototyping, component selection, PCB design to software development of a proposed products.