# Propulsion Control System Simulator

  The propulsion plant of the ship is represented clearly and simply regardless of the complexity of the actual system. Additional buttons are provided on the “propulsion” overview page which the operator can select on-screen. Details such as temperatures, pressures and states are displayed and monitored on the on-screen pages which subsequently appear. All propulsion data are acquired, transferred, processed and monitored on the peripheral level. Data is exchanged bidirectional between the individual elements. Data are exchanged between the propulsion system and the remote control stations via two field bus connections: One field bus for exchanging data between the individual shafts. This also makes it possible to control all propulsion lines with just one control lever, one redundant bidirectional field bus for exchanging data with the propulsion plant.

# Diasense (Medical Device)

  Diasense is a unique tool for measuring diabetic related nerve damages and to predict foot ulcers. The testing procedure is simple and user friendly lasting only 3 minutes. The test involving a patient standing on the equipment can predict onset of foot ulcers and extent of nerve damage levels. Being non invasive that the equipment is a convenient tool for both doctors and patients.

# EKM Class Control Room Simulator

  Driving and surfacing, steering control,direction control,Propulsion control, control of systems stroke hull openings concern with integrity of submarine. Internal communication within compartment.Designed and commissioned as project lead the complete Kilo class submarine training simulator including communication system for the Indian Navy.

# Diesel Monitoring System Simulator

  “Diesel Monitoring System” simulator of SSK submarine for INS satavahana, Vishakhapatnam. This is a procedure trainee simulator consist of four diesel engines control panels for an operator. These control panels are driven by the diesel engine mathematical model running in background and it is communicating over network with Instructor console. An instructor can inject different faults to the system and evaluate and guide operator response to the problem.

# steering and jet control hydraulic system

  Designed layout, installed and commissioned on-board coast guard IPV as project lead the steering and jet control hydraulic system.